While architects and designers have many details to consider when designing a new project, flooring can be one of the most significant choices. Luxury Vinyl Flooring options are nearly limitless! 

Any design that can be created or recreated photographically or digitally can be printed as the photographic layer of a luxury flooring design, which is covered only by the durable clear wear layer. Because of this, the design options for this kind of luxury flooring are virtually limitless.

Luxury flooring may seem like a splurge, but luxury vinyl options are actually just as affordable as other flooring options, such as ceramic and laminate, and significantly more affordable than some hardwood options. The fact that vinyl is manufactured with readily available materials means that manufacturing it is not a costly process, making it a more cost-effective material. For being a budget-friendly option, though, luxury vinyl plank wood looks are nearly indistinguishable from natural hardwood flooring.

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